How do you make reservations for an event?

To make reservations, we require a signed contract and a deposit.  

How much is the required deposit? 

The deposit is 50% of your total of your booked package.

When do you inform us about your menu selection?

Your menu checklist should be submitted with your signed contract and deposit. 

Is gluten free and vegetarian options available?

Yes, gluten free and vegetarian options are available upon request. 


How long does it take to serve the guests?

From our trailer, we serve up to 80 tacos per hour.

How much space do we need for setup? 

Approximately 5m x 5m outdoors, due to gas usage. 

Is electricity required on set?

Yes, we need 2 x  10amps on 1 x 15amp + 1 x 10amp. 

If you have more questions, let us know!